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We are specialist consultants providing forensic and expert witness support for thermal engineering and design issues.
Dove Thermal Engineering undertakes projects in product development, process improvement and thermal process design.
We design and build a range of heating & cooling equipment, and provide complete balance of plant & process cooling schemes.

Thermal Designers

Thermal Design covers an exceptionally wide field, interacting within and across most other physical systems. The effective thermal engineering design of heat transfer equipment starts with a thorough comprehension of host processes and operational objectives.

For Dove Thermal Engineering, this is our world. Beyond surface heat transmission and fluid flow regimes, heat & mass transfer mechanisms also pervade direct contact systems such as gas scrubbing & quenching, evaporative cooling, product drying and psychrometric processes. The company was established to address all aspects of thermal process design where heat is a significant parameter.

Our expertise covers all types of thermal design: the theoretical tools and practices by which it may be realized, and the practical ability to resolve situations in which the operating mechanisms are either not being understood or have been incorrectly applied. We research, design, investigate, model and create practical solutions in the design of custom thermal equipment.

Special Heat Exchangers and Heat Transfer Equipment

Proprietary equipment falls into two main categories: either shell-and-tube heat exchangers, or plate-on-plate construction. Respectively, these are configured as cylindrical vessels or sets of variously-shaped profiled plates. Process installations, balance-of-plant assemblies and marinized diesel engines might typically incorporate selections from standardized ranges of heat transfer equipment. Gas turbines, automotive vehicles and mass-produced appliances generally require special heat exchangers of compact, lightweight construction designed to meet host equipment configurations. Precision machined castings, laser-cut profiles, low-volume pressings are likely to be mechanical prerequisites, while the thermal process design of shell and tube heat exchangers calls for considerable knowledge and experience. In the circumstances, the rote application of commercial software by casual users is to be avoided. As responsible thermal designers, we apply the maths - and practice - of heat transfer & fluid mechanics to all types of thermal equipment design projects. Accurate modelling enables "right first time" results in the design and construction of (for instance) batch and batch-continuous cooling plant and equipment, with accurate prediction of processing times.

Biothermal Energy

We have an involvement with developing biomass conditioning processes, and the design, manufacture and operation of plant to achieve various levels of conversion. Dove Thermal design and build wood waste heating plants, their installed thermal equipment, and associated factory heating installations. We help our clients register with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), and gain self-supplier status on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), then follow-through and support the making of returns under the schemes, and – given they are subject to peremptory audit - ensure that the correct reporting procedures are maintained.

Air Conditioning

Dove Thermal designs and builds ductless air distribution systems for large space airconditioning. Our air handling units feature high by-pass ratios for dedicated peak-lopping climate control systems. Their thermal process design is modelled from data and techniques gathered from over thirty years of air handler and related thermal equipment production. We have developed unique self-jigging fabrication methods for stainless steel AHU construction, exploiting CIM laser profiling to produce precision-built equipment with near off-the-shelf availability.

Engineering Services and Thermal Engineering Design

Providing forensic and expert witness services draws directly upon our experience as thermal designers and consultants, while our mainstream engineering activities span a broad range of technologies, including airframe and engine systems test rigs, biothermal plant and processes, and NDT methods for structural and systems inspection. We originate equipment and procedures for new product development, process enhancement, and in support of our own professional undertakings.

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Dove Thermal Products

Coolant Management Modules; Drying Tunnels
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Thermal Fluid Heaters; HTF-Heated Calandria
Packaged Quench Plants; Air Handling Units
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Dove Thermal Services

Forensic Engineering; HVRAC Engineering
Consult-Design-Construct Services
Thermal Engineering Consultancy
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Thermal Fluid Heating Systems
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